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Cannot connect to App Store How-to Fix (Updated 2019)

Of course, software or applications will have some errors and problems from time to time. App Store apps, too, can sometimes cause problems when unable to connect to the App Store (Cannot Connect to App Store on iPhone or iPad) if You encounter this problem We have a basic solution to recommend to watch.

Can’t connect to the App Store in iOS 12, how to fix it?

1. Check the Wi-Fi connection

Check the internet from Wi-Fi. Can it be used normally? May try to visit the website to see if the data can be loaded normally or not If used on websites or other apps Yes, but still can’t access the App Store. Try to connect to cellular phones.

2. Connect and allow apps to use cellular

Go to Settings> Cellular> Tap Open Cellular> Scroll to the bottom of the App Store app and enable it.

Cannot connect to App Store How-to Fix (Updated 2019)When turning on the cellular settings and allowing the app to use cellular To restart the device and try to access the App Store app. If you can’t connect, follow the next method.

3. Log out of iTunes and log in again.

This method is another way that many users try and can result in returning to connect with the App Store.

Go to Settings> Tap iTunes & App Store> Tap Apple ID.

Cannot connect to the App Store How-to Fix (Updated 2019)


Tap Sign (Sign Out)> then tap Sign in and log in with your Apple ID again.

4. Update iOS to the latest version

To update iOS to the latest version And try entering the App Store app again

5. Check the system status

Go check the system status whether Apple is temporarily shutting down the App Store. Able to check the system status

Cannot connect to the App Store How-to Fix (Updated 2019)

If the status of the App Store system is not a green point But showing other icons such as yellow and red, indicating that Apple temporarily shut down It is recommended to wait until Apple is open for normal use.

6. Set date and time automatically.

Go to Settings> General (General)> Date & Time> Tap Set Automatically.

Cannot connect to the App Store How-to Fix (Updated 2019)

This is also the solution to connecting to the App Store. Anyone who finds a problem, try to do it. Step by step and check if the App Store can be connected or not.


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