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10 Best Offline Mobile Games to Play for Free Without Internet 2019

Believe that many people may be looking for a good mobile game Free to play, fun, cannot be connected to the Internet, put it in the engine, right? Today, Game World has selected a variety of interesting offline mobile games to leave friends because at the time that our mobile phones do not have internet signals. Can still be picked up and used to kill time well

1. Rules Of World War Hero

Rules Of World War Hero FPS mobile game. The war theme with the protagonist is focused on simple controls suitable for playing on mobile phones. As for gameplay, it is like a typical shooting game, wearing a military role, performing various dangerous missions. Deal with terrorists With many weapons to choose from, whether it’s M1911, MPS, AK47, M4, Shotgun, and Sniper etc., mixed with graphics that are considered to be quite beautiful, Rules Of World War Hero is another good choice for anyone. Who are looking for offline games to play at this time

2. Mini DAYZ

Mini DAYZ is the Action Survivor mobile game that ported the famous game on PC like DAYZ. Complete the mobile phone in the 8 BIT style. We have to survive in a vast world that has fallen by a strange virus, having to search for supplies, collect guns and ammunition. Create temporary camps Including various items For Marrakesh as weapons and defense To fight against bloodthirsty zombies, fierce wolves, extreme weather that is ready to hurt our skin all the time And enemies that are more terrifying than zombies are seen to be those who survive and are ready to rob us at any time, Therefore, surviving as long as possible is an important goal for this game. And can guarantee that Mini DAYZ is fun, not the older generation on the PC of course

3. Farmer Sim 2018

Farmer Sim 2018 is a simulation mobile game. That we will be a farmer or farmer who will have to farm on a vast open world with realistic weather systems and day and night systems The form and technique of agriculture is truly an agricultural industry, since Field crops With tools, tools, including modern machinery such as tractors, trucks, trailers, and many other machines

4. Headshot ZD

Headshot ZD: Survivors vs Zombie Doomsday After this, let’s call Headshot ZD. Which the game will come in Action, survive in a world that has fallen and only zombies run around the city Grab a wide selection of weapons and attack zombies. Shoot the cracked blood. And help the survivors Along with harvesting resources along the way All happened in the side view, like a dabble game. Even if the graphic is out of pixels, Even so, it can’t be denied that it looks quite good.

5. Cyber Strike – Infinite Runner


Cyber Strike – Infinite Runner is a new action-packed shooting game that takes players to survive in the darkest cyber-punk city. That will not be played when you suddenly find yourself Get up slowly For the first time you feel and find yourself in a modified body inside. Look around. You find it found in a military research center that requires you to receive orders from them. What do we have to do as it is ordered to be a slave? It’s time to escape from here! Dabble through various roads With more than fifty checkpoints waiting for us to pick up bonuses to increase our character power And use various advanced equipment To defeat the enemy

6. MIRIAM: The Escape

For the Mirium: The Escape, it will be an arcade, adventure, puzzle-based mobile game. There is a selling point, unique black and white graphics like the Badlands and LIMBO. Play as a little girl who walks in her haunting dreams. With integrated gameplay between puzzle solving, adventure with realistic physics With the challenge that the little boy loses light Must be in the dark all the time With a simple control system with a fingertip With the voice-over voice, dreams, fate, mystery and horror waiting for you to challenge over 42 stages. Anyone who likes the Little Nightmares style game, like this, can download and play.

7. Geostorm

Geostorm, the cloud of the world, is a mobile puzzle game that solves the survival puzzle that captures events from the movie. Is a story that happened in the near future that the world will have satellites to help control the climate for everything. But the good day, this satellite crashed, causing a natural disaster around the world, including tsunamis, hail storms, lava, tornadoes, extreme colds. And other disasters Many more Causing the engineering team, which is the only hope of humanity, must plan to prevent this terrible disaster


BAD 2 BAD: DELTA is a mobile game genres Action Shooting a hero who led the team. “Sergeant Major Panda” and more than 10 faculty members have come to choose us. And in the future, there will be more and more until 60 In addition, players will have fun with more than 70 missions in 2 main campaigns and 2 boiling modes that await us. There are also fighters, tanks, and other vehicles. Which the soldiers actually used As a reserve for us to choose Each hero will have a unique identity and skill that is different. So must know how to plan the forces to suit the mission

9. Major Mayhem 2

In Major Mayhem 2 game, it’s still a Major Mayhem them fully for both games played with style Action an Arcade, The Shooter dabble Dan shot me and then trigger the player will have to fight. The Evil Villains Corporation forces again but more intensely. There are new missions Which have come to do more than 150 missions. There are various scenes and maps. In addition, we can unlock and upgrade more than 20 different types of weapons. Plus, the game also adds new features such as jump-in features.

10. Impossible Assault Mission

Impossible Assault Mission is an FPS mobile game that we can dabble in a variety of locations. Then picked up the weapon to fight In a full 3D war and crime mission full of thrilling missions And a wide variety of weapons to choose from, ranging from machine guns, snipers and other equipment Used to purge the bad people, in particular, Told me to play and then had to be stuck And without internet, can play for free. There is nothing complicated. Take the shot to try.


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