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10 Best iOS Survival Games Must be Played in 2019

It seems that in 2019, in addition to the Battle Royale game that dominates the current Another hot game genres and has gained popularity over the line Survival Survival What’s worse, it’s hot as well. Because it has been released to play all the time since the beginning of the year, Of course, there are a lot of garbage games as well. Therefore, the Game World team took the opportunity to create a special article including the survival game in 2019, to leave your friends, but 10 games that you have to play in the first part that we selected will have some games. See

1. Jurassic Survival

In Jurassic Survival, we will meet a variety of dinosaurs instead of blood-thirsty zombies. And must try to survive The game will have various systems. Come to play in the style of a full range of survival games such as searching and collecting raw materials, unlocking new items. To explore the resources and structures for building a stronghold And most importantly have to survive for as long as possible The graphics are called beautiful in the story.

2. Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is a survival MMORPG that we must survive in the final fantasy world. Located in the medieval period of Europe, where we had to wander hopelessly in the land of wild horses, there were demons everywhere. The gameplay is similar to Last Day On Earth, with only one goal being to survive as long as possible. So we need to explore Collect resources Build a base to compete for the evil demons. A variety of styles that are lurking in this dark world

3. Wildlands: Saga of Survival

10 Best iOS Survival Games Must be Played in 2019

Wildlands: Saga of Survival is an MMORPG survival game that players will wear as prisoners must be deported to Eastern Marches, the wasteland of snow-covered peaks and ancient magic filled with places. dilapidated You have to fight hunger. Create a shelter Fight with the beast Including the bandits and friends who were exiled with us Most gamers believe that many people are already familiar. But what makes this game different from other similar survival games is that the outside world of this game is made to be the widest. The color space allows us to explore the vastness. But when going out to explore, do not forget to check the energy bills as well. The energy runs out. Go home. Don’t know. In addition to the vast map, We can also learn magic. Various weapons That can be crafted in this game, does not carry a gun to throw bullets into zombies for sure

4. Dead Island: Survivors

Dead Island: Survivors is a Survivor Horror mobile game that we have to survive from the hordes of zombies on this vicious deserted island. By building a base, trapping, developing character skills and choosing a variety of weapons Which will focus on melee weapons to hack, stab, stab, and enjoy the combo and skill With players too The graphics in this sector will not emphasize realism like the original. But will issue a comic strip that still retains the character’s identity completely

5. Prey for a Day


Prey for a Day or Full Name is a Day for Survival – Craft & Zombie is an MMORPG mobile game. Zombie Survival lives from a mutated world, transforms people into zombies and as survivors. Therefore must do whatever it takes to survive as long as possible You have to start exploring this deserted city to find resources, weapons, food, and safe accommodation. Build a strong base, cope with both zombies and other survivors. Or to collaborate with them and to destroy the zombies But be careful, you may be betrayed at any time.

6. The Outlived

The Outlived is a game Survival semi Battle Royale race to survive in space. Full of bloodthirsty zombies, looking for food, hunting, collecting water, enjoying a variety of survival systems that everyone is familiar with Craft various items in the game, ranging from essentials to motorcycles. Challenge yourself with many limitations. And trying to be the only survivor Because who survived is the last to win! The Last Day on Earth gameplay is a bit different, but it’s a bit different than you can choose sex and dress up a little.

7. The Last Maverick: Survival Raft Adventure

The Last Maverick: Survival Raft Adventure is a mobile game genres Survival Play as a lone survivor. Adjacent to the Pacific Sea, vast and shady. On a giant empty raft Dabble in the sea Survive from cruel nature Basic needs And battered sharks ready to jump to swipe players at any time Explore a beautiful deserted island and a mysterious cave. Looking for resources Find food, water, sustain life Craft essential supplies Upgrade yourself to become stronger. Fight for survival on a giant raft. With a system that combines realism And fun perfectly

8. THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge

THE ISLAND: Survival Challenge is a survival simulation game that you will suddenly have to stick to a remote tropical island, people and co-fates with more than 20 other lives, each of which comes with us. There will be different skills, abilities, and tasks. The only goal of this game is to survive as long as possible. Among the limited resources Must fight hunger, fatigue, and danger from natural disasters, Therefore, if you want to survive, you must know to choose wisely to deal with energy, resources, and exhaustion.

9. Creation & Magic

Creation & Magic is a mobile game genres Survival that will take players into an adventure in a fantasy world of late its eastern end. That we have to find resources for various items to be crafted as weapons and various items Necessary to survive Playing doesn’t make much complexity. Just follow the quests, we will be able to craft the items automatically. In addition, the game also comes with other interesting play systems. Many more, whether Focusing on finding hidden treasures in various maps, in forests, deserts, seagrasses, etc. fighting monsters in various dungeons Or invite friends to fight together in PVP mode. Has a set change system The system of building houses and their own territory, fishing, hunting, cooking, and magic spells are a convenient option to use.

10. Bigfoot Monster Hunter

Bigfoot Monster Hunter is a survival horror FPS mobile game that we will wear as a brave hunter. Adventure and survival from Bigfoot or Sasquatch, creatures and main goals of the game After you heard the rumor that a lot of people had been lost in the forest and then died With the skill of the Fitto Therefore, this hunt is not easy. Therefore, we must prepare the arsenal to be ready before hunting. Take it all out Small spy cameras, bear traps, hunting rifles, flashlights and everything you think will make you survive.


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